Things to keep in the larder

This is the list of ingredients that I keep in my larder. Some items may be seasonable, I use fresh herbs when they are available from the supply on my window box. At other times I have to rely on ground up herbs available in the shop.


Fresh Basil, Coriander, Chives, Rosemary and Mint either from my window box or from my herb garden. Some herbs such as Basil are not always easy to keep and can only be grown outdoors in the summer months.

I use the following in dried form:

Tarragon | Sage | Parsley |Oregano | Dill | Cumin | Cardamom | Bay leaves | Chili flakes and pepper

Star Anise | Black pepper | Sea salt - normally flakes | Fennel | Thyme | Turmeric | Cayenne pepper

Chinese five spice | Cloves | Cinnamon | Paprika


White and whole-meal plain flour | Super fine 00 grade flour for making pasta dough.
Stoneground Rye flour for making some breads.
Rice flour and corn flour - mainly for thickening soups and gravy.

Stock preparations

It is always good to make your own stock from left over scraps and bones, but unless you have them on hand it is easy to use existing preparations especially for busy people.

Beef and chicken Oxo cubes | Knorr stock cubes  Jelly stock pots | Beef and chicken Bisto granules

Sauces and extras

Sweet chili sauce
Honey - various
Jack Daniels BBQ sauce
BĂ©arnaise sauce
Truffle pieces and concentrated oil
A variety of WOK sauces
Worcestershire sauce
Soy sauce, bottled, various


Extra virgin olive oil
Groundnut oil (same as peanut oil)
Truffle flavoured extra virgin olive oil
Warm and robust wok oil with sunflower, sesame, garlic and ginger

Tinned or dried items

Cannellini beans
Flageolet beans
Fasola (white kidney beans) especially for Polish dishes
Split lentils and pearl barley
Chopped and peeled Italian plum tomatoes
Dried porcini, shitake and wild mushrooms


Basmati (white, brown and wild) | Jasmine | Risotto | Wild rice mixture


Various shapes of ordinary and whole wheat pasta | Spaghetti | Lasagna sheets