Disclaimer and copyright

 The recipes shown here support the Crazy Chef's YouTube videos where they can be seen. Cooking is an individual skill and the outcomes will vary depending on cooking techniques and quality of the produce. The Crazy Chef does not take responsibility for the outcomes that you get or any medical reactions.

The photographs used in the blog are mostly taken by the Crazy Chef during his cooking and remain his copyright. Some photographs are license free and taken from Pexels at www.pexels.com .

The Crazy Chef's preferred cooking oil is Groundnut Oil which is also known as peanut oil. It is derived from the edible seeds of the peanut plant. They are actually a type of legume that belong to the pea and bean family. It has a high smoke point of 225 deg.C or 437 deg.F and is better than using olive oil which has a much lower smoke point.

Refined peanut oil is said not to cause an allergic reaction as opposed to cold pressed oil. If you are allegic to peanuts take the advice of your allergist whether or not you should avoid this. (Source American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology). We cannot guarantee that any of our recipes are nut free.

There are a number of Crazy Chef cookbooks available from the link called shop.