Channel Overview

Welcome to the Crazy Chef Channel Blog

The channel which is called The Crazy Chef can be seen on YouTube on this link.

This blog supplements the YouTube videos with extra information and more detailed preparation methods for the most popular of the videos.

The original idea for the 'Crazy  Chef' and making the videos, apart from the enjoyment of doing that, was to produce simple and quick cooking instructions for busy people comming home from work or college, or those people not having a lot of time to prepare their meals. Following my methods means that you do not have to rely on 'take-aways' which are often packed with preservatives, too much sugar and saturated fats.

The recipes use natural ingredients - often organic, and free range where possible - for you to prepare a meal for one or two people. Not every dish is done from scratch because they are for people with limited time available. So sometimes I use ready-made sauces or dried herbs for example, but you could prepare you own using natural ingredients from scratch if you wanted to.

This blog contains three main sections.

What to keep in your larder

Measurements and utensils

A great series of recipes