Scrambled Eggs Gordon Ramsay Style


I was first shown this method of cooking scrambled eggs by Michelin chef Gordon Ramsay. The important thing is not to whisk the eggs first or add any salt, which tends to break up the structure of the eggs too early. Adding some vine tomatoes and mushrooms makes a good breakfast, or some grilled bacon if you prefer.


Three large free range eggs
Good knob of butter
Ground black pepper and sea salt
Chopped chives (optional)
Creme fraiche (optional)


Take a non-stick saucepan, typically a milk saucepan, and bring it up to a medium heat, add a generous knob of butter and allow to melt slightly then just add the whole eggs (not whisked) and start stirring. Keep stiring as if you were making a risotto. Now whilst stirring take it off the heat to the side and keep stirring, then put it back on the heat and take it off again. Keep using this technique as the pan holds residual heat so the eggs will keep cooking but slower and will not stick. When you are coming to the end and the eggs are the consistency that you want add some chives.

Take off the heat and to stop the eggs cooking further you can cool them down by adding some Creme fraiche if you wish but dont let it get too watery. The best way of doing this is by practice everytime you cook scrambled eggs.

Before you start the eggs you can put some vine tomatoes and mushrooms in a covered frying pan with a few drops of olive or groundnut oil and let them cook slowly whilst you prepare and start the eggs.

I have a video on my Youtube Channel on this link.