Thai green aubergine curry

This is a great dish to try especially if you have vegetables left over in the fridge. Just add a large aubergine and make it all into a Thai green curry.

                               Aubergine Thai green curry with other vegetables and coconut milk.


Large aubergine cut into strips or squares.
4 Tomatoes, quartered.
1 Leek sliced.
1 White onion chopped.
1/2 large red sweet pepper.
Thai green curry paste.
200ml coconut milk.
1 Lime for juicing.
sea salt flakes and ground black pepper.


Prepare your vegetables, slice or square the aubergine. Quarter the tomatoes, slice the leek and the white onion. Slice up either one or just a half of a red pointed sweet pepper. Have your Thai green curry paste ready and open a tin of coconut milk ( I used Blue Dragon light version).

Warm a wok up on your hob and add a few dashes of ground nut oil (or sunflower oil) and let it warm up. Always add items that take longer to cook first - so first of all add the aubergine pieces and allow to sweat down with the lid on the wok, ensure it does not burn.

Next remove the wok lid and add the coconut milk to ensure the aubergine does not start to burn, then add the rest of the vegetables. Replace the lid and allow to soften again. When everything is softened down, add the green curry paste, squeeze in the lime juice, add a few flakes of sea salt and some ground black pepper. The amount of curry and coconut milk really depends on your taste which is why it is important to keep tasting your food as you cook it.

There is a youtube video on this which can be seen on this link.