Rump steak with pepper sauce

Rump steak is best cooked rare or medium rare and makes a nice meal with jacket baked potatoes and seasonable vegetables such as broccoli florets. There is a video link to cooking this at the end of this article.

                                   Rump steak served with jacket potatoes, broccoli and a pepper sauce.


8 oz mature Aberdeen Angus rump steak.
Jacket potatoes and broccoli.
Packet pepper sauce with 300ml 1% milk and a knob of butter.


Place the broccoli in a steamer and put on a medium to low heat setting, when soft turn down to warm. Prick the jacket potatoes and place in a microwave and use combination setting for jacket potatoes, which will get them cooked quicker.

Heat up the frying pan and add a little groundnut oil. Put the steak in when hot, turn several times and check that it is cooked to your satisfaction. Use your finger to prod the steak which should be bouncy.

Rump steak is best cooked to rare or medium rare. Use a hot pan to ensure that the steak is hot on serving.

Use a packet of pepper sauce, place in a milk saucepan with a know of butter and about 300ml of milk - semi skimmed or 1% which works best. Cook this for about 5 - 10 minutes and put in a warm serving jug.

Plate up the steak, jacket potato and broccoli onto a warm plate. Add the pepper sauce. Add butter to the jacket potato. This also goes well with French Dijon mustard.

Our video on cooking this can be seen from this link.