Lamb chops with rosemary and mint sauce

Lamb goes very well with the herb rosemary and mint sauce. It is best served pink but not overcooked. This recipe is for one person and the total cooking time is 25 minutes which includes
5 minutes for preparation. There is a video link at the end of this article.

                                      Lamb chops served with mushrooms, leeks, mushrooms and spinach.


Large lamb chomp chop.
Sprig of Thyme.
Mint sauce made up with vinegar and a little sugar.
Seasonable vegetables (I used leeks, mushrooms and spinach).
Gravy made up with the juices from the pan and a little Bisto gravy granules.


Trim any excessive fat of the lamb chop, fry in a pan with just a little groundnut oil. Keep testing the cooking by checking with your finger for the bounce. As it cooks just add a little mint sauce on it as well a sprig of rosemary.

Prepare some steamed seasonal vegetables in a steamer at the same time and cook on a medium to low heat. Leeks, mushrooms, beans and spinach go well.

When the lamb is done – slightly pink is best – put on a warm plate to rest (in a warm oven). Make some Bisto gravy in the remaining lamb juices in the frying pan. Decant to a glass serving jug.

Remove the lamb from the oven, add the steamed vegetables and some extra mint sauce and add the gravy. This provides a very tasty meal.

There is a video showing how to cook this recipe on this link.

Note: Either make your own mint sauce with vinegar and sugar or use off-the-shelf mint sauce but not the mint gel version. You can thin it down with some extra vinegar and a pinch of sugar to take off the sharpness.