Halibut fillet poached in milk

Halibut is an expensive but tender tasty fish and suited to being poached in milk with a little butter on top. It goes well with new potatoes and seasonable vegetables accompanied with parsley sauce. There is a link to our YouTube video on how to cook this recipe at the end of this article.

                           Halibut poached in milk presented with seasonable vegetables and tomatoes.


 Halibut fillet.
Tomatoes and seasonable vegetables if desired.
Parsley sauce.
Milk and butter.
Sea salt and ground black pepper.


 Prepare the Halibut fillet and trim to size. Have a jug of milk available, I tend to use 1% or semi-skimmed milk rather than full cream milk.

Place the Halibut into a frying pan accompanied by one or two tomatoes cut in half transversely. Sprinkle with ground black pepper and sea salt (always go easy on the salt) and fill up with milk so it comes up to half the height of the fish - no need to fully cover it.

Cook on a medium heat and when the milk starts to bubble turn the heat down to low. You can cover it with a lid if you wish. The fish will now cook slowly. Add a little knob of butter on the top and baste the fish with milk. When cooked just tease with a fork and the flesh will flake easily. Timings will vary depending on the thickness of the fish.

At the same time you can steam some seasonable vegetables in the steamer to soften at the same time. I used a chopped leak, a carrot and a potato.

Also at the same time prepare the parsley sauce but using one packet of powdered sauce with 350 ml of milk and a little butter. Cook in a milk saucepan and do not allow to boil. (You can make it from scratch if you like but this menu is designed for busy people on the go).

There is a video of cooking this on our YouTube channel which can be viewed from this link.