Frying a Brill fillet

Brill is a great fish to cook and eat. It is very soft and tasty but a whole Brill tends to be expensive. It goes well with steamed vegetables or grilled tomatoes and mushrooms.You can dust the fish with flour if desired. This recipe just uses sea salt and ground black pepper. This recipe is for one person and it takes 20 minutes in total to cook including 5 minutes of prep. time.

           A tasty fried Brill fillet with asparagus, leeks, peppers and sliced potatoes with tartar sauce.


One medium sized Brill trimmed.
Seasonable vegetables for steaming.
Butter, sea salt and black ground pepper.
Tartar sauce.


Prepare the brill by cutting the head and part of the tail off and trim any fins where necessary. Lay it on some cooking paper and dust it with some ground black pepper and a small sprinkle of sea salt. If it has been defrosted then ensure it is free of any moisture.
Fry it in the pan with a knob of butter on a fairly high heat and baste it in the butter. Turn it occasionally until golden on both sides. When cooked (the fish should come away from the bone) take it out and place it on some kitchen paper (to absorb any residual fat) on a warm plate.

At the same time steam some vegetables such as peppers, leeks, onions and green beans as an accompaniment. You can use whatever vegetables you want to use up.
Plate up and add some tartar sauce.

You may see this cooked on our YouTube video on this link.