Duck breast with chard and caper sauce

This is the Crazy Chef's version of duck with chard and caper sauce, the duck is rested and will look slightly pink. This recipe is designed for one person and will take about 20 minutes. There is a video for this on our YouTube channel on the link at the bottom of this article.

                                                       Duck with chard and caper sauce.


Duck breast
Chopped chard
Butter and capers


To pan fry a duck breast, first you need to ensure that the duck breast is dry by placing it on a piece of kitchen paper. Score or prick the skin to allow the fat to run out - I tend to use a scapel. Rub some salt into the skin.

At the same time cut up the chard and put in a steamer and leave on the side for later, if you prefer to cook the chard in water, put the stalks in first for a couple of minutes as they will take longer to cook.

Place the duck breast skin downwards into a COLD frying pan. Do not add any oil or butter. Gradually bring up the heat of the pan so the duck will start to cook and render the fat out. Whilst doing this start to cook the chard.

Turn the breast over and baste the top in the fat. If the fat is excessive soak some up in kitchen paper and remove. Add some butter and the capers. Turn over a couple of times, the breast should be slightly pink and the skin should be crisp and brown.

Check the cooking with your finger by touching the breast which should bounce slightly. The duck should take about 12 minutes depending on the thickness. When cooked take it out and allow the duck to rest - otherwise when you plate it up it will leach out blood.

When the duck has rested for a few minutes (I place it on some kitchen paper to absorb any blood although most people don't) place on a warm serving plate, add the chard, and drizzle the butter and caper sauce from the frying pan over the duck. I present the dish with the duck breast up and caper and butter sauce over it. This is now ready for serving.

Our video showing the preparation and cooking of this dish may be seen on our YouTube video from this link.

Note: Duck breast is always initially cooked skin downwards in a cold pan, this is to allow the fat to render out. If placed into a hot pan, the fat will be sealed into the flesh of the duck. Duck can be a very fatty meat.