Cheese and basil omelette

This is a great recipe for preparing a cheese and basil omelette. This is for one person with a preperation time of about two minutes and a total time of around 8 minutes depending on how soft you wish your omlette to be. There is a link to my YouTube video at the end of this page.

I am cooking it in a Le Creuset 20 cm non stick omelette pan. When finished is should be golden brown on both sides after it has been folded over.


2 eggs (free range preferred)
Groundnut oil (preference for high cooking temperature)
Grated cheese - your choice
2 Basil leaves - broken up
Salt and ground black pepper


Crack two free range eggs into a bowl, add the basis leaves just roughly broken up, and whisk. Season it with just a pinch of sea salt and ground black pepper.

Heat up your omelette pan to hot - be careful some pans do not like it - and add a small amount of groundnut or sunflower oil (not olive oil) and let it heat up on the full setting.

Pour the egg mixture into the pan and bring it in from the edge with a fork to let the rest of the mixture consolidate. When the eggs are nearly set add some grated cheese (Mozzarella or Cheddar) and after a few seconds flip it over one edge to the show the omelette in half. It should be a light to medium golden brown. Then take it off the heat and flip it over completely to check the other side which should also be golden brown. You can reflip several times to get it right for you.

Serve on a warm plate and add some tomato ketchup or whatever else you need.

Notes: I use olive oil for dressings on salads and other things that require a dressing. I do not use it for frying because it has a low boiling or smoke point and it will taste bad and may contain harmful chemicals. So if you are going to fry then do not use olive oil but an oil with a higher boiling or smoke point such as sunflower oil, groundnut(peanut) oil.

LeCreuset non-stick pans are made up of three layers of steel and have an even heat. Be careful not to heat them up too high for long as it may damage the non-stick surface.

You may see my YouTube video preparing this omelette on this link.