Immune booster: Carrot and potato soup

For those of you around the world in the current COVID19 lockdown it's time to carefully use up your left over food in your fridge. For example with a few carrots and potatoes you can make a great carrot and potato soup.

                          Carrot and potato soup ready to eat with some crackers or crusty French bread.


4 large carrots.
3 large potatoes.
3 garlic cloves.
1 white onion (optional).
1/2 red pepper (optional).


Peel and cut up the carrots and potatoes. Peel and finely chop the white onion, pepper and garlic. Make up 1 litre of stock either by using vegetable or chicken stock cubes - I used 2 chicken oxos and 1 knorr chicken stock cube. Just use your own recipe for making stock.

Use a large hard bottomed saucepan and place on the hob and heat up. Use a few glugs of groundnut or sunflower oil and put the onion and garlic in to soften, and be careful not to burn it.

Now add about 3/4 litre of the stock mixture. Heat this up and add the carrots, potatoes and pepper. Bring gently to the boil and then back the heat off to a simmer. After around 30 minutes test the potatoes and carrots with a fork to check if they are soft. They need to be soft before the next stage.

When soft take of the heat and squash down with a mash potato squasher.

Just mash it up to your desired amount. Now let the soup simmer for another 10 to 15 minutes so that the carrots and potatoes are really soft. Then if necessary use a stick blender to blend almost to a puree. The soup is now ready to serve and goes well with crusty bread.

If you have made a lot then it is ok to put it into containers and freeze. In this way you have a nourishing ready meal for those lock down times.

Nutritional value

Carrots contain vitamin A , C, B6 Iron, and Magnesium.
Potatoes contain Vitamin C, B6, Iron, Calcium and Magnesium.
Both contain large amounts of fibre.
Garlic also includes selenium, B6, C and Manganese.

Be careful not to boil as boiling is understood to destroy vitamins.

A video of this can be seen on this link.