Cappuccino of white beans and truffle oil

This is a cappuccino of white beans and truffle oil, served in a cuppuccino cup and saucer and makes an excellent starter or pre-starter. This recipe is for two people and there is a link to our YouTube video at the end of this article.

                 Cappuccino of white beans and truffle oil served in a cup and saucer as a starter.


One can of Cannellini beans (235g)
One large white onion finely chopped and one carrot quartered.
Truffle flavoured olive oil and black truffle oil.
500 ml of chicken stock made from one oxo and one knorr cube.
Selection of white, Shitake and Porcini mushrooms.
300 ml carton of double (use half).
Sprig of Thyme.


Prepare the stock by dissolving a chicken oxo and chicken knorr stock cube in 500 ml of hot water and put on one side. Soak the dried Porcini mushrooms in water for about 20 minutes.

Wash the cannellini beans and place in a saucepan and just cover over with the chicken stock. Add a chopped onion and roughly chopped carrot. Add the Thyme and Bay leaves, bring nearly to the boil and just simmer for about 20 minutes until soft. Remove the carrot, Thyme and Bay leaves. Pour the contents into a blender and blend for about 30 seconds.

At the same time, warm up a frying pan, drizzle some truffle flavoured olive oil in and sauté the raw Shitake mushrooms, when they are soft add the Porcini mushrooms. Add a small amount of the black truffle oil and a knob of butter. Add the mushrooms to the blender containing the purée and whisk for a further 10 secconds. Pour the mixture back into the saucepan and add about 150 ml of double cream, stir and keep warm.

This is now ready for serving. I use a large cappuccino cup and saucer for the presentation. Optionally, you can now either slice up some black truffle carpaccio and place in the cup first, or grate some hard truffle on the top. Use a hand blender if you wish to froth it up to look like a coffee cappuccino. There is of course no actual coffee in this recipe.

The preparation of this can be seen on our YouTube video which is available on this link.

(1) I found it easier to use Cannellini beans in water but you can used dried ones if you soak them overnight.
(2) You can vary the recipe depending on what ingredients you have to hand. You can substitute the chicken stock cubes for vegetable ones and leave out the cream and butter if you want to lower the calories.