American style hash browns with fried eggs

This is a great breakfast for everybody and shows the Crazy Chef's version of American hash browns with fried eggs. The recipe is for one or two people. Allow up to 30 minutes for prep and cooking.
There is a link to my YouTube video preparing this dish at the end of this article.


3 Waxy potatoes such as Charlotte or Duke of York.
1 Large white onion.
Ground nut oil.
Ground black pepper, sea salt and Cayenne pepper.
Small slices of butter.



Grate the onion and potatoes (washed, leave potato skins on if desired) into a bowl or on a preparation board. Add a dash of ground nut oil, ground black pepper, pinch of sea salt and pinch of Cayenne pepper. Mix up, transfer to a colander and squeeze out all of the moisture.

Bring a frying pan up to a medium heat and add a dash of ground nut oil, add the potato and onion mixture and press out to cover the bottom of the pan. Allow it to cook for about five minutes. Add some small slivers of butter around the edge to help caramelise the onion and cook for a further five to ten minutes. Pour any necessary liquid into a dish for later.

Turn the hash browns over to brown the other side - place a large dinner plate over the pan and invert the pan to put the hash browns onto the plate, slide back into the pan with the un-browned side down. Carry on cooking to the desired amount of cooking/crispness is to your liking.

                            This is how the hash browns should look - nice and brown and crispy.

Turn out onto a plate and place in a warm oven until read.

To fry the eggs: crack one or two eggs into the basin where the left over butter was collected. Bring the frying pan up to a medium heat, elevate slightly to contain the white's. Fry to your liking, if over-easy is required carefully flip the eggs over and take the pan off the heat. Take out the hash browns and place the eggs on top.

If you have a metal handled frying pan and a large oven you can just crack the eggs on top of the hash browns before putting them back in the oven to finish cooking.

This would go well with some sweet crispy bacon.

Please go to this link to see the preparation on my YouTube video.