Spaghetti alle Vongole with fresh clams and squid

This dish can be prepared with several variations depending on what produce you have available and should be enough for two generous servings.

 The video of this can be seen on our YouTube channel on this link.

1 kg small clams washed and scrubbed clean | 2 washed and chopped up squid. You may add a few mussels if you like - its up to you.
1 small bunch fresh flat-leaf parsley | 4 cloves garlic | Oregano | 2 chopped chillies
2 - 3 sticks of celery - chopped up.
10 cherry tomatoes (halved or quartered).
400 g dried spaghetti
sea salt | ground black pepper | extra virgin olive oil
White wine ( or alc. free white wine).

Put a pan on the hob to boil ready for the spaghetti. While this is boiling sort through the clams and if there are any that are not tightly closed throw them away. Put a large pan on the hob with a lid on and heat up fairly hot - may not be a good idea to use quality non-stick pans as some do not like full heat. Chop up the parsley and garlic. Quarter or half the cherry tomatoes and have the white wine ready and uncorked. I tend to use Pinot Grigio.

Add the pasta to the boiling water witha good pinch of sea salt and cook until al dente. Ten minutes before the pasta is ready get ready to cook the clams and squid. Add 4-5 glugs of olive oil into the hot pan and add the garlic parsley, celery, oregano and a pinch of sea salt and ground black pepper. Add the chopped chillies (or chili flakes) and the chopped tomatoes. As things start to steam up stir and add the white wine (start with 200ml) and let the alcohol burn off. Add the clams and the squid and put the lid on to let it steam. Turn the heat down. If desirable add a little butter and cream. After several minutes the clams will start to open. Take the pan off the heat and discard any clams that have not opened.

Drain off the water from the pasta and add the pasta to the pan of clams with more parsley and an extra glug of olive oil. Stir or toss for another couple of minutes - still with the lid on. Serve immediately with some French or other crusty bread. The more times that you cook this dish you can adjust your timing and ingredients.