Gingery mushroom noodles

COVID 19 - How to eat healthily from your cupboard and fridge.

COVID 19 - Time for an immune system booster.

Immune booster: Thai green chicken curry

Immunity booster: Thai green fish curry

Immune Booster: Cream of broccoli soup

Immune Booster: Vegan/Vegi Miso mushrooms and coconut noodles

Grilled salmon in a Japanese Dashi style broth

Vegan: How to make Thai green curry paste

Immune booster: Carrot and potato soup

A vegan option: Aubergine rogan josh curry

Thai green avocado curry

Cappuccino of white beans and truffle oil

Spaghetti alle Vongole with fresh clams and squid

French onion soup with melted cheese and croutons

Fasolka po Bretonsku - a favourite dish from Poland

Thai green aubergine curry

Cheese and basil omelette

Honey and soy glazed salmon with peppers

A winter recipe - How to make Mulligatawny soup

Crispy chicken thighs

Duck breast with chard and caper sauce


American style hash browns with fried eggs

Frying a Brill fillet

Salmon risotto

Dover sole with leeks and capers

Rump steak with pepper sauce

Moules Marinière, mussels in a white wine and cream sauce